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Get the Assistance of AI characters that can use Google and answer with ChatGPT4

Cowrite is an app that adds your iPhone AI Characters and a new iOS keyboard. It allows you to use ChatGPT4 with Google Search Plugin responses on any app you are using. From the developers of official Keymate.AI Search Plugin for ChatGPT!

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Cowrite AI - ChatGPT4     Google Search powered  AI Characters for iOS iPhone

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The Keyboard separately requires $20 prepaid subscription after 7 days of the installation to your iPhone. CharactersChat is lifetime priced and it has unlimited Google Search powered ChatGPT4.

  • Agents use Google search inside the keyboard for responses.
  • Continue using Cowrite AI Keyboard after 7. day of your iOS App installation. 
  • Access to our exclusive discord where you get support and access to exclusive ChatGPT prompts and templates.
  • You help us deliver the best productivity tool that will help millions of people.
  • Gives you a premium license key for the Keyboard.
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