Search and browse the web using KeyMate.AI Search for ChatGPT, experience real-time information access. We don't want to search, we want answers. KeyMate.AI provides them.
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Unlock the Power of Web with KeyMate.AI

KeyMate.AI bridges the gap between ChatGPT and Google Search,
it adds a long term memory to your chats.

Search the web

With KeyMate AI, you can empower ChatGPT to surf the internet. Utilizing Google's Programmatic Search, get ready for accurate and updated responses at your fingertips.


Your privacy is our priority. Keymate.AI uses it's own API key and only accesses necessary information, ensuring your privacy and security.

Research Efficiently

From academic research to market studies, Keymate.AI streamlines your exploration process. Harness the power of the web, delivering accurate results for a wide range of topics while storing important data to your private personalised storage.

Save Your Time

Enjoy the seamless integration of GPT-4 and Google Search in your daily mobile usage. The Keymate.AI iOS Keyboard app lets you search and incorporate information quickly without having to switch between apps.

Wondering how it works?

In 2 months reached 150.000+ active users & 2M requests/month

We are not building AI tools for people, we are building great tools for AI that people use.

The first personalised long term memory on ChatGPT.

We built it with our users

Air Force Command Innovation & Analysis Liaison

"It works FANTASTICALLY! If you haven’t yet tried it and need a robust search function to utilize with an LLM, I can’t recommend GPT4 + KeyMate.AI Search enough.

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We don't want to search, we want answers. KeyMate.AI provides them.

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The Best of Both Worlds

The first GPT4 Keyboard that can fetch real time data from the web.

KeyMate.AI Search For ChatGPT is one of the top 16 popular plugins in ChatGPT store.

Store data to your personalised storage while using Keymate. Whenever needed ChatGPT stores more data to it and it can query your preferences, past interactions to this personalised storage. You can transfer information context between different conversations in ChatGPT this way.

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