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Parallel Search

Keymate gives you direct access to the web through Official Google API. Ultimate Web App powers it even more with 10x Parallel Search with 128K GPT-4



Thanks to our Official Google API, your search data is kept private (even from Google).


Long Term Chat Memory

From academic research to market reports, our 128K GPT-4 remembers your conversations and understands what you need. (Exclusive to Ultimate Webapp)


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"We don't want to search, we want answers.

Keymate.AI provides them."

We are not building AI tools;

we are building right tools for AI.

We build for our community

with our community.

"It works FANTASTICALLY! If you haven’t yet tried it and need a robust search function to utilize with an LLM, I can’t recommend GPT4 + Keymate.AI Search enough."

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The first personalised long term memory on ChatGPT.

The first GPT4 Keyboard that can fetch real time data from the web.

Keymate.AI Search For ChatGPT is one of the top 16 popular plugins in ChatGPT store.

Store data to your personalised storage while using Keymate. Whenever needed ChatGPT stores more data to it and it can query your preferences, past interactions to this personalised storage. You can transfer information context between different conversations in ChatGPT this way.

A personal repository to train with your conversations and files to make Keymate work for your needs.

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Everything good about GPT-4... and more.

Independent: Provides you with GPT-4 even without a ChatGPT Plus account.

Advanced: Uses unique GPT-4 128K while ChatGPT Plus uses 32K.

Accurate: Retrieves ~50,000-words long paragraphs from internet for your queries.

10X Efficient: Fetches 10 Google result pages simultaneously with Parallel Search.

Personalized: Understands you as you train its knowledge base with chat and PDFs.

Sensitive: Warns you to save your chat when your context window is full.

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